When The Game Was Won: Five Amazing Minutes

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Wali Lundy’s TD capped off a pivotal five minutes for UVa.

Amazing. Simply amazing.

For us Wahoos, Saturday’s jaw-dropping win against the Florida State Seminoles was shocking for many reasons. Only our second win against FSU – the victory came 10 years after that first amazing win. On top of that, many (including myself) had left this team for dead after two straight losses, wondering if we’d even have a winning season. Sixty minutes later, we had students rushing the field and fans checking the Coastal standings to plot out our run at the ACC championship. We were left wondering what had happened – did it really happen? – and thanking the sports gods for our unlikely victory that remained unexpected until Tony Franklin’s final interception.

Or, maybe you weren’t so surprised at the end of 60 minutes. Maybe you noticed that the game was won in a short span of time, one that only allowed about 20 plays. The final five minutes of the first half, a sequence of events that dripped with significance and symbolism.

You didn’t notice? Don’t fret – I didn’t either until I watched the game on my DVR for the hundredth time.

Let me explain: There were many amazing factors that coalesced into our amazing win. Marques Hagans was playing out of his freakin’ mind. On the other end of his passes, the wide receivers and tight ends were often in the right place ready to make critical (and sometime one-handed) catches. The pass rush was often tremendous, forcing turnovers and rushed passes. The special teams became a rock the team could rely on, led by Connor Hughes and Chris Gould . And don’t forget Florida State’s contribution, especially its plethora of penalties.

These and other factors critical to the victory crystallized in the final slice of the first half.

So let’s take a fun trip down memory lane and relive some amazing plays during an amazing