Coaching Exodus Creates Challenge for Cavs

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Who will Al Groh hire as his coordinators? We’ll see.

OK, now that both coordinators are gone along with the associate head coach, with perhaps other assistants to follow, what does that mean for Virginia football? Is the exodus a potential setback for the program, especially in recruiting? Is it an opportunity for re-evaluation? A chance to correct some organizational problems? Yes, yes and yes.

I think one thing is safe to say: As a Cavalier fan, you’ll probably never see a situation quite like this again. Coaching turnover of this magnitude usually happens only when a team is either very good or very bad. After a 6-5 season, who would have expected this?

First, Danny Rocco heads down 29 South to Liberty, then Ron Prince departs for Kansas State and Al Golden takes off for Temple. Mark D’Onofrio may join Golden in Philly, leaving Al Groh with huge vacancies on his staff.

The first question worth asking is, why did they leave? Were they eager to escape from under Groh’s thumb? I don’t know. It’s no secret that Groh has a micro-managing style, so his assistants don’t have much autonomy. Bill Musgrave, for one, chafed at the lack of freedom and was glad to go. I don’t know Prince and Golden well enough to say whether they felt the same way.

My sense is that their reasons for leaving were more positive (professional advancement and personal happiness) than negative (disgruntled employees). Each coach was offered a chance to run his own program and get a raise. That’s hard to pass up, even if two of the programs are Temple and Liberty.

Danny Rocco came to UVa with Al