Sabre Roundtable: Regular-Season Wrapup

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1) How would you characterize Virginia’s regular season? Successful? Disappointing? Somewhere in between?

Mike: Disappointing, to a certain extent. It’s easy to make excuses for this year’s squad. Injuries at linebacker and the offensive line early in the season prevented the team from making progress until late in the year. But this is college football and most every team experiences at least some level of attrition. Virginia still had talent in many areas and should have been able to produce at least one or two more wins against the three mediocre teams it lost to.

Nick: Disappointing. Despite the many losses to the NFL, I expected a senior QB and experienced backfield to lead the ‘Hoos to an 8-3 record if not better. A combination of inconsistent coaching, inconsistent execution and yet another rash of injuries at crucial positions proved to be too much.

John: Disappointing, but not because of UVa’s record, which was just a game worse than I expected. The overall quality of play was mediocre at best, a big dropoff from a year ago. Throw in the 38-point loss to Virginia Tech and all of the off-field drama (suspensions, Ahmad Brooks , etc.) … well, let’s just say it was not a positive year for the program.

Marc: Disappointing. I don’t attribute this to Groh’s expectations. It’s more about the opportunities for victory that were squandered due to poor execution and/or coaching. Every loss, save Virginia Tech, afforded us the opportunity to pull out a win, yet we failed to do so.

2) Who was UVa’s MVP?

John: It’s tempting to say Marques Hagans because he carried the offense most of the season, but Kai Parham had to bear an even heavier burden on defense. The junior linebacker had 30 more tackles than any of his teammates. He had nine of the team’s 19 sacks. Even with Parham, the Cavs had trouble stopping the run and rushing the passer. What would they have done without him?