Sabre Roundtable: Supersized Spring, Part 1

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Spring football practice starts Wednesday for Virginia, which means there are plenty of things to talk about. For instance, who in the world will replace Marques Hagans? Who is ready to step on the offensive line? Who is going to score all those goal line touchdowns since Wali Lundy is gone? Well, we’ve assembled a supersized Sabre Roundtable – Kris Wright, Mike Ingalls, Chris Horne, Greg Waters, Nick Sauer, and Jed Williams are all weighing in to answer all those questions and more. So, here’s the first helping of the Spring Football Sabre Roundtable and don’t forget to come back for seconds tomorrow morning!

Spring Football practice starts on Wednesday. What do you think is the No. 1 concern to address for Virginia going into spring practice?

KRIS: The surface value answer would be finding new starters at a lot of key positions – offensive line, quarterback, running back, at least one linebacker slot, possibly safety, and so on. To me, the underlying thing to work on this spring is playable depth. There is enough talent in the cupboard to replace the starters I think. My concern would be with the guys behind the new-found starters with injuries and whatnot always a concern in football. So, I’m interested to see who works their way on to the two-deep at every single position. Players’ development from now through the end of 2006 could determine how many redshirts the Cavs burn with this incoming class.

CHRIS: There are a lot of concerns on both sides of the ball, but the main issue, I think, is leadership. The team needs players who will become the true leaders of this squad in leading it toward the 2006 season.

Which quarterback will Al Groh be calling toward the sidelines this season?

MIKE: Quarterback. The loss of Marques Hagans is tough, especially