What’s Hot, What’s Not: Spring Game

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In a channel-flipping daze, I stumbled across The Simple Life reruns on E! earlier this week. It took only about 5 seconds for Paris Hilton to utter her famous words: “That’s Hot.” After Saturday’s Spring Game at Virginia, I started thinking how that applies to the Cavaliers’ football team this spring. So, now that UVa has wrapped up its spring practice period, here’s What’s Hot and What’s Not.

Hot: There was a game. Yes, it was a shortened, running clock, lots of substitutes version, but it was a game nonetheless.

Not: The weather most definitely was not hot. Eventually a humid and overcast afternoon became a rainy day at Scott Stadium.

Hot: The low attendance number saved Sabre-ites from poster 111Balz having to follow through on a threat of running naked across the field if that number hit 20,000. To 111’s credit, the original post said that “maybe that’s not a good incentive for people” to come to Saturday’s game. All I can say is ‘Phew. Dodged a bullet on that one.’

Not: The attendance Saturday at Virginia’s Spring Game was set at 7,869. For the stink raised about trying Friday night out one time, the Cavalier faithful sure didn’t flock to town for the Saturday slot.

Clint Sintim has become a vocal leader this spring.

Hot: The Rock Weir Award winners as the most improved players of the spring were Clint Sintim , Jeffrey Fitzgerald , and Mikell Simpson . Sintim has impressed me all spring with his leadership skills – he’s