Fall Practice 2006: Recruits Create Buzz Sunday

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Coach Al Groh had to be pleased with the recruits in attendance on Sunday.

The beginning of practice Sunday was abuzz with recruiting as Marvin Austin strolled in with Romale Tucker and another teammate just as things were getting under way. Austin was greeted by Mike Groh followed by Kyle Long and Peter Lalich . The future of Virginia football would be in good hands if Lalich could convince Austin, Tucker and Long to join him in orange and blue.

Mike Groh was clearly very excited about the prospects as he took some time to come over and chat with the spectators. “Got some good players here today,” Groh announced, before declaring that the “No. 1 player in the country is here today,” when referring to Austin. He went on to say that, ”probably the No. 1 offensive lineman in the country next year is here today,” and “Oh yeah, and the No. 4 QB in the country this year … got some good players out here today.”

A few minutes later Tom Sherman approached Mike Groh and pointed out a couple of guys hiding behind the bleachers and Groh called out for Howie Long Jr. and another player (I believe it may have been Brian Linthicum to come out and say hey). Groh asked Howie Jr. what he was doing back there … “were you holding up the fence or something?”

The collection of recruits spent the practice between the offensive and defensive fields chatting and taking it all in. Al Groh and many of the players spent some time talking to everybody throughout the practice. It was clear to see that Marvin Austin has a personality that others are drawn to, as he always had a captive audience surrounding him. He and Kyle Long side by side make quite an intimidating pair of high schoolers.

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