Greg’s Game Grades: Virginia 13, Wyoming 12

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Virginia survived against Wyoming in its second game of the season, winning 13-12 in overtime. The victory pushed the Hoos’ record to 1-1 after the season-opening loss at Pittsburgh. How much did the Cavaliers improve in the grade book from Week 1 to Week 2? Did Kevin Ogletree ‘s touchdown catch help the receivers’ grade? How many A’s did the defense get? Find out in this week’s analysis.


Coaching (B-)

Al Groh’s team found a way to win against Wyoming.

As a Virginia fan you can’t be pleased with the entire offensive play-calling, but the fact is the coaches are severely limited in what they can do until the offensive line can block and produce a running game. Those fans frustrated with a lack of vertical attack also need to recognize that Virginia ran plenty of vertical routes and did so on virtually every passing play. The decision on whom to throw the ball too comes from the quarterback. That choice is based on whether or not the player is open and how much time is available to make the throw. It’s all still a corollary to line play.

Certainly making the decision to replace a non-productive Christian Olsen was a good move on Saturday. Seven of the nine drives Olsen led stalled in four plays or less; six were three-and-out.

“We didn’t get enough drives going there,” said Al Groh. “We made sure to tell Chris that we weren’t down on him, we just thought at that particular time to try to see if something different might work. So that’s what we did for the moment.”

I like the play-calling late in the first half to get the Hoos in scoring position but I am frustrated with a continued reliance on plays to the perimeter that are simply not productive. In some cases these plays are meant to set up future calls but because they are so ineffective, its unlikely opposing defenses will be fooled.

Some will