Why or Why Not? – North Carolina

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Normally, JHoo provides Sabre-ites with a look back at the week’s game. Well, that’s still true with North Carolina but the “10 Things I Learned” author is also giving us a sneak peak at tonight’s contest with the Heels by tackling 5 questions in “Why or Why Not?” Check out items on Kevin Ogletree , Tony Franklin, and the defense.

Jameel Sewell and Kevin Ogletree connected for two long touchdown passes last week. That duo will do it again Thursday night with at least 1 long touchdown pass.

Kevin Ogletree is becoming a favorite target for Virginia quarterback Jameel Sewell .

JHoo: Yes, and here’s why …

I guess we need to come to a consensus about what qualifies as a “long” touchdown, but I would not be at all surprised to see Sewell and Ogletree hook up for a touchdown from outside the red zone. Simply put, young quarterbacks tend to look again and again at the same receivers, and Sewell clearly is developing good chemistry with Ogletree.

Plus, the two make a good match. Ogletree has the athleticism and speed to turn any pass into a big gainer, but he does particularly well on the longer routes (as opposed to using him on a short crossing pattern or a quick slant). Now that the offensive line has picked up its play, Ogletree has more opportunities to clear the linebackers and get deeper into the secondary, and Sewell has been looking for him when he does. Sewell throws a very good intermediate ball, and his natural inclination is to go down the field.

Against UNC, I think that means 6 points from outside the red zone at least once.

North Carolina has allowed 26 scores in 28 opponent trips to the red zone, including 24 touchdowns. Virginia ranks third in the ACC in red zone conversions by scoring 14 of 16 times, but