Jed’s Best Seat Buzz: Making A List

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“Jed’s Best Seat Buzz”
with Jed Williams

I’m the biggest “anti-list” guy you’ll ever find. Grocery lists, Christmas lists, “to-do” lists – fuhgetabout ’em all … every last one of them.

So, as you might imagine, the scribe in me finds a special distaste for the “list column.” You can spot ’em from the Starbucks down the street. You know – the VH1 style “100 reasons the sports fan should be thankful” (a Turkey Day custom), the “sports stocking stuffer” list. And I haven’t even touched New Year’s Resolutions yet.

In media circles, we call this the columnist “cop-out.” Or better yet, “mailing it in.”

In reader circles, we call it easy reading.

So, I got to thinking. UVa students are smack-dab in the middle of finals, meaning you the Wahoo fan is drying up in a vast desert of Cavalier inactivity. I’ve penned enough football columns to last through spring 2009. And what’s changed about Cavalier basketball since the last time we talked? Nothing … absolutely nothing. Without a creative muse to drive me and a new game to inspire, I lean on the list … guilty as charged.

We’re 6 games into Dave Leitao’s second installment of Cavalier Basketball. The Wahoos are 5-1 – rather unsurprisingly – with more daunting challenges lurking. Just more than one month into this 4-month odyssey, let’s re-visit some key preseason questions and ask ourselves this most vexing one: “Do we know anything more about these Hoos than we did when Lute Olsen and the Cats came rumbling in on November 12?”

I. Is This Virginia Squad Better Offensively Than Last Year’s Club?

As we noted in the preseason, it better be. And Leitao has said as much repeatedly. 67.9 points per game last winter and 1.2 points beneath that in league play (11th in the ACC)? That just won’t cut the mustard.

It necessitated Herculean defense and rebounding from a group that wasn’t mentally or physically trained to meet those demands for an entire season. The result was overachievement