Singletary’s Shot? Wow, Just Wow

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Sean Singletary looks toward the camera while the Cavs celebrate his big OT shot.


In many ways, that’s the only word to try to describe Sean Singletary ‘s game-winning shot against Duke on Thursday night. It was one of those shots where the Duke players ended up just hanging their heads with a 68-66 overtime loss and even the media on press row just looked at each other shaking their heads.

A fall-away, one-handed, jumping-off-one-foot, tear-drop, nothing-but-net floater? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

The crowd erupted. ESPN’s Mike Patrick and Len Elmore rattled off the following:

“Oh what a shot!” Patrick exclaims. “Are you kidding me?! Holy cow, what a shot.”

“How do you do that, sitting down?” Elmore says. “Don’t try it at home folks. Not at this time in the game.”

Well, Singletary not only tried it, he made it. The ball went in, no matter how improbable that seemed when it left his hands. The junior point guard took Josh McRoberts off the dribble, split the reach-in double team attempt of Gerald Henderson, and took the fade-away attempt over the outstretched arm of help defender DeMarcus Nelson. Singletary was basically falling down when he released the ball, landing on his back as the ball fell through the nets.


“Just ridiculous,” Diane said. “It looked like he was parallel to the ground going up. It was a one-handed floater and it was crazy. I was going to the boards on that shot too, but that shot just went in clean. No rim, no nothing. It was crazy.”

Teammate Will Harris had a similar vantage point after he helped the play unfold. He was supposed to go fake a high ball screen for Singletary and then flash away, which he did. When he moved to the top, however, McRoberts switched the apparent screen and ended up on Singletary. Harris slid away and down the opposite lane line to get in rebounding position while Singletary did his thing.