JHoo: 2007 Slotting Decisions

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If there is one question that I simply am unable to avoid answering on the boards, it is “Where would you slot this guy?” Like a moth to a flame, a sailor to the call of the Sirens, or Mikeysurf to a post about the offensive line, I simply am unable to resist the temptation. So when Kris asked if I wanted to put together a quick article on the subject of slotting as it relates to the incoming class, the answer was a foregone conclusion.

To me, slotting is one of the most important roles a college staff has. Bringing in the talent is important, but you are not going to succeed unless you get guys in the right slots. You have to consider a young man’s mental and physical make-up. You have to consider his frame and build (both how he looks today and how you think he will look a year or two or three down the road). On top of that, you have to keep in mind the depth chart, making sure that you have each position covered.

There is some science to slotting, but a lot of art. A lot of “I know it when I see it.” So without further delay, let’s go through the class in alphabetical order.

Danny Aiken

JHoo Says: Long Snapper/Tight End

Long snapper, but that is somewhat of a cop-out answer. It is obvious that Aiken is a better athlete than your run-of-the-mill long snapper, playing quarterback for Cave Spring and tight end (and some defensive end) for FUMA. Thus, the harder question to answer is where you have Aiken practice early in his UVa career. I would start him at tight end and see how he develops.

Mark Ambrose

JHoo Says: Tight End

Tight end. Ambrose is an athletic tight end that will play the Tom Santi role in the offense.