JHoo’s Summer Reading: Running Backs

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I cannot say that I was surprised to see that my quarterbacks article caused some debate on the message boards. When there are a lot of questions that have to be answered about a certain position, there are going to be a lot of opinions about what the answers will be – and why.

I suspect, however, that this article will cause less consternation. Why? Because I think that there may be less to question about the talent at the running back position than at any other position on the team. Simply put, UVa is loaded at running back, and with a very diverse group of athletes.

The Starters

Cedric Peerman appears to be the leader of the pack in the backfield.

One easy call, Rashawn Jackson at fullback. One hard call, but I will go with Cedric Peerman at tailback.

Let’s go with the easy call first. In reality, I am not sure how often we will be starting the game in a one-back versus a two-back set, but I am thrilled that I again can talk about having a starting fullback. I have always been fond of the fullback position and how the fullback can be used in an offense, in large measure because I think in terms of defense and I have always found it difficult to account for a good fullback.

A good fullback can give you a solid lead blocker in the running game as well as a runner that can get through the line before the defense reads the run or can offer a misdirection option. A good fullback also can give a defense fits if he is an effective receiver, and provide a quarterback with an extra layer of protection against the blitz. I can understand why the staff was thinking of moving away from the use of a traditional fullback last year, but I certainly can understand why they missed having that role in the offense. So to the fullback in the UVa offense, I say welcome back.

When we are starting with a fullback on the field, that fullback is almost certain to be Rashawn Jackson