Point-Counterpoint: Quarterback Quandary

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Virginia fans were already shell-shocked Saturday with Wyoming rolling to an inevitable 23-3 victory late in the game. Then, Cavalier coach Al Groh inserted true freshman quarterback Peter Lalich in the final three minutes. Talk about shocked. Was it a mistake to play Lalich? Now What? Sabre Editor Kris Wright and Vandy-Hoo tackle the hot topic in Point-Counterpoint.


Did Virginia make a mistake by playing Peter Lalich late against Wyoming?

Kris: Kind of. How’s that for getting off the fence! In all seriousness, the only mistake was in playing him that late in the game not in playing him in general. What’s the difference? As JHoo noted in his column, the choice to put him in at that stage had no true benefit to him or the team. That part of it makes no sense.

As for playing him general, I’m completely O.K. with that decision. The goal is to win games. Jameel Sewell is 4-6 as a starting quarterback (and 4-7 in games that he has appeared). Scott Deke and Marc Verica have been beaten out in the staff’s eyes by Peter Lalich . So if Lalich is No. 2 and your No. 1 isn’t getting it done, you play No. 2. Plain and simple. The player’s year makes no difference in that case. Now, if you want to argue about how Lalich became No. 2 so fast and that UVa hasn’t recruited quarterback depth and so on and so forth, then we’re having a different discussion. However, given the parameters of what the Cavs have right now, Lalich is No. 2 behind a Sewell, who is struggling.

But what about “burning” his redshirt? Here’s the thing: it’s only “burning” the redshirt if the player is used sparingly or unwisely. Kevin Ogletree would be a good example here of a “burned” redshirt. Ogletree did not play many total