Greg’s Game Grades ’07: Wyoming

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Al Groh’s team struggled mightily in Wyoming.

Coach Al Groh once said that the most hated guy by NFL players is the guy in the media that does game grades. Truthfully, readers sometimes find more to object to than agree with when it comes to grades. I guess that’s makes this one of the less desirable pieces to write since no one is apparently happy with the conclusions.

That said, in the graders’ defense, keep in mind the grader does not have the luxury of 10 sets of eyes reviewing game tape and does not have the benefit of knowing the play call, the route combinations on a given play, the coverage the defense has called, or the specific assignments each player is required to conduct. It is virtually impossible to expect an evaluation process equal to what coaches can provide.

Our focus at The Sabre is to create a responsibly objective, fair analysis piece to help our readers understand what went right and what needs improvement. It is designed to provide a reasonably consistent measuring stick from someone who tries to extract the emotion of being a fan and look objectively at how the Cavaliers performed.

We have deployed two mechanisms to do this: a subjective analysis and a statistical analysis.

Subjective grades are just that, subjective and include all of the bias of the grader. This simply boils down to watching the game and then writing impressions based on performance and sharing those impressions with the reader.

Statistical grades are designed to apply a purely analytical component to the grading system in hopes that it makes the process more objective and more consistent. We have taken key performance areas for each unit and measure them by standards set by the NCAA. For example, the top 25 teams in the NCAA last season averaged more than 4.6 yards per carry rushing. We have assigned exceeding that mark an ‘A’ grade with the actual numeric grade (91-100%) corresponding with applicable YPC average (6.68 or greater equals 100% and 4.6 equals 91%).

Both elements compile 50% of the grade.


Overall Grade: 62.79 (D-)

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