10 Things I Learned vs. UConn

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While the actual midpoint of the season was last week, a lot of Hoo fans looked at the UConn game as the real midpoint, the last game in what was viewed as a stretch of winnable games before the team heads into a tougher stretch of ACC competition. But UConn was no automatic win, and the Hoos again had to overcome a late deficit to pull victory from the jaws of defeat.

Impressive performances by Mike London’s defense have UVa at 6-1

(1) Disproving a theory. Over and over and over again, I have heard that a head coach and his staff are ultimately judged by wins and losses. Al Groh and his staff seem to be trying to disprove that theory. Six wins in a row, and still much of the fan base remains unsettled about what they are seeing on the field.

So let me throw out a quick reminder — folks, it was a win. I know, I know, there was plenty to cause concern, and we will get into that below. I accept that all was not perfect this week, and has not been all season. Far from it. But we won. Again.

In fact, we just won our sixth straight game, knocking off a previously undefeated team that had the benefit of a bye week to prepare for us, while we were missing something like a gazillion players from the preseason two-depth, including the unquestioned emotional leader of the offense. We won while having to overcome adversity again, and having to overcome another late deficit on the scoreboard.

And at this point, I think it is important to note that we have a trend established. If you pull out one game despite your mistakes, it might be a fluke. Two, and maybe it is still a fluke. But UVA is finding ways to win week after week after week, often having to overcome its own mistakes to do it. Down the stretch in a tight game, pressure can impact execution in a big way unless a team can keep the stress under control. The Hoos have been there, done that all season long, so it should come as no surprise that they executed down the stretch while the Huskies did not.

In the past, the team has been criticized for not being mentally tough, and the staff has been criticized for not building a mentally tough team. So far