10 Things I Learned Vs. Miami

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Streaks have to end at some point. Navy had to beat Notre Dame eventually, for example, and the Virginia football team eventually was going to beat Clemson (still on my top five list of favorite games ever). And whether it was UVa’s 0-for-forever in Florida or the UVa offense’s 0-for-forever in the third quarter, streaks were ending in a big way this weekend in the Orange Bowl.

Sebastian had nothing to cheer for against Virginia.

1. Wow. When it comes to describing an opponent, there are no sweeter words to hear than “they need to try and salvage some pride at this point.” And this weekend, Miami failed to salvage any pride. Any pride whatsoever. 48-0. Worst shutout loss in Miami’s Orange Bowl history … bring on the wrecking ball.

But while the national media seems to want to focus on Miami’s collapse and the Orange Bowl’s upcoming … well … collapse, I plan to focus on UVa’s resurgence this season and, dare I say it, dominance this week. After all, when you put 48 points up on the board and give up zip, you must be doing something right. And oh how I wish I could say I say this coming, but it is tough to see 48-0 coming.

Actually, before the game and even when I was watching the pre-game warm-ups, I was fairly convinced that the game was going to be a low-scoring affair, with both defenses playing tough. After UVa’s first offensive play – a one-yard loss on a run by Mikell Simpson – I thought, “Yup, here it goes.” Then, proving to everyone once again that I know close to nothing about this funny game we call football, the offense rips off a 96-yard touchdown drive, the defense stands tough from the first snap, and the floodgates open for Virginia after Josh Zidenberg makes the play of the game with a blocked punt late in the first quarter. Wow.

And unlike others, I do not think the final margin of victory can be explained as the result of Miami “quitting.” The last touchdown was a result of sloppy play, I admit, but I did