Things I Learned About … The QBs

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In kicking off this series of postseason breakdown columns, I decided to start with the quarterbacks for a couple of reasons. First, it always seems like the logical place to begin given that no position on a football team is discussed and dissected more than the quarterbacks. Second, when you go back and look at game film on the offense, your eye naturally is drawn to what the quarterback is doing (or fails to do), along with how the offensive line is executing, so it made some sense to dissect the quarterback play and then progress through the other units.

But if I am going to be honest, I really just put the column on the quarterback position first because I want to get it behind me. Why, you ask? Because going into this offseason, I am not sure that there is a unit on the team that is causing me more stress than the quarterback spot. Oh, I will admit that the offensive line is up there, but at least I have a better feel for how that will play out over the next few months. With the quarterbacks? I don’t have the foggiest idea. Of course, to understand why I do not know where we are going in the future, it helps to start with a breakdown of the past.

Jameel Sewell ‘s play-action fakes are a strong part of his game.

Jameel Sewell , the good. I think you can make a good argument that there was no player on this year’s UVa squad that was more important to the team on a wins-and-losses basis than Jameel Sewell . On a team that included Chris Long , that is quite a strong statement, and I would not tell anyone that they were “wrong” to pick Long instead. But Virginia only lost four games this season … and Sewell missed time in the fourth quarter of all four losses. That is more than just a coincidence.

While I will concede that the Wyoming loss is the exception to the rule – Sewell was yanked in the fourth quarter of that game for play that charitably can be called