Hoo Preview ’08: Texas Tech East?

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How will Mike Groh’s offseason visit to Texas Tech impact the use of Kevin Ogletree this season?

Much has been made about Virginia offensive coordinator Mike Groh’s offseason visit to Texas Tech. I recently read a preview of the Virginia team on USCFootball.com that stated the following:

“The offense is going to be very different from last season. Offensive coordinator Mike Groh went to Texas Tech after the season to study their offense, and they will be implementing the pass heavy scheme this season. Of the 86 plays called during the spring game, 70 were passes, so the Trojans should expect to be covering the short passing game all over the yard.”

“They will be implementing the pass heavy scheme this season.” If the Cavaliers are lucky the USC coaching staff is as misinformed as writer Ted Venegas is. Trust me, they’re not. If you’re expecting Virginia quarterbacks to chuck the pigskin down the field 65 times a game, then this will be a disappointing season.

But there are certainly elements of the Red Raider attack that any offense might want to implement. Teams are always looking to improve their systems and making visits to other schools to pilfer ideas and concepts to blend into their schemes. In my estimation, that is exactly what Virginia was attempting do. Having the chance to study and analyze the Texas Tech offense for a month in preparation for the Gator Bowl, certainly the intricacy of the pattern combinations, the multiple formations, the use of offensive linemen alignment to create space, and how to potentially assimilate some of it into the UVa offense has to be intriguing.

That will be our focus as we take a look at the Red Raider offense. What is it? What makes it successful? What components might be melded with the Virginia system?

What exactly is the Texas Tech offense?