View From The EDGE: UConn Postgame

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After watching Saturday, my initial thoughts about the UVa-UConn game … Obviously, this game should have been closer. I will begin by saying that I did not understand our game plan, I did not like the play calling, the execution was pathetic, and I do not have many positives to take from Saturday. I do not think that Pete Lalich would have changed the outcome of the game. Maybe there were open receivers down field, I don’t know, but I definitely do not blame Verica for this loss.

This game was extremely boring; the Huskies ran it right at us or had short passes in the heart of our defense. They did not even need to open their playbooks. When we miss so many tackles, who needs any misdirection? Our defense looked like a bunch of bullfighters dodging the running backs. Nobody was wrapping up and hitting low, nobody was getting off blocks, and nobody was attacking. The linebackers or “strength of our defense” were absolutely irrelevant. We did not impose anything on the Huskies.

The turning point of the game in my opinion was … There was no turning point “IN” this game, but the turning point “OF” the game was the opening coin toss when it was decided that UConn gets the ball first. Maybe the Hoos were distracted with all the Lalich issues this week. Maybe we just aren’t a good road team and we had a young team uncomfortable in a hostile environment. Maybe it was bad coaching. Whatever it was, we were not ready to play.

My favorite moment … This is tough. A couple moments that I liked: John Phillips running over a defensive back late in the game, Verica’s poise, our punt team’s ability to get the ball downfield and not allow run backs, and Yannick Reyering making his field goal. I did not like burning Cam Johnson’s redshirt in mop up time, but wow, did he blow up a play late in the game. I do not know if it was an OL or what blocking him but he threw him four yards into the back field.