10 Things I Learned … ECU

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Cedric Peerman celebrates his second touchdown.

Last week’s game was pure “wow.” This week’s game was a down-by-six ugh, then a 28-straight-points wow, then an are-we-letting-this-slip-away ugh, then a we-put-it-away wow. Maybe a little more adventurous than we needed the game to be, but a quality win nonetheless, one that seemed completely out of reach on paper a mere two weeks ago.

So what did we learn from the ECU victory? Let’s take a look.

1. Reaching The Halfway Mark … With A Bang. A couple of weeks ago, it was hard to see this UVa team getting through the midpoint of the season with a .500 record. Heck, a 2-4 record seemed like a stretch a couple of weeks ago. But, truth being stranger than fiction it seems, here is UVa at 3-3 after the ECU win.

Based on what we have seen on the field so far this season, it has been easy to jump to conclusions about the state of the program on almost a weekly basis. Some of those conclusions have been justified, particularly when based on long-term trends, while others have been hasty. Regardless, it is easy to reach some in-season conclusions about how the season is progressing:

  • Bob Pruett is starting to get comfortable with the defense and the defenders are starting to get comfortable with him.
  • Marc Verica can play at this level, and he can bounce back from adversity, be it game-to-game or series-to-series.
  • When the running game is working, we have a play action attack that can be very effective.
  • The spread has its moments but without Peter Lalich , it cannot be the base offense this season.
  • There is some promising young talent on this team.

I could go on and on with major and minor conclusions but let me add one more: Cedric Peerman is really, really, really important to this team, both from a physical and