Revisiting Key Questions, Part I

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Dave Leitao’s team has played poorly throughout 2009.

During the first month of basketball season, The Sabre takes a look at 10 key questions facing the men’s basketball team for that particular campaign. If the eventual answers to those questions turn out positive, the Cavaliers usually put together a fairly good season. On the other hand, if those answers lean to the negative, things likely aren’t going well for the Hoos.

Any guesses which way the needle is pointing in 2008-09? Let the painful revisiting process begin with Part I.

10. Will There Be Enough Player And Rotation Consistency?

The basic gist of our question was this: Can the young players on Virginia’s roster “play a year older” in terms of experience by showing consistency?

The answer 20 games into the season is clear. No. Emphatically.

Jeff Jones , Mustapha Farrakhan , Sammy Zeglinski, Mike Scott … no one really has found any level of consistency or production. Jones is playing better of late, but disappeared almost entirely during the early portion of the conference schedule. Farrakhan shot lights out for a few games, but has since vanished. Zeglinski is up and down, but hasn’t been the same scoring threat he was before the calendar year turned. Scott rattled off a string of games scoring in double figures, but isn’t playing all that well of late.

Unfortunately, The Sabre nailed the biggest issue with a lack of consistency: “But necessary to the development of the players – especially the youngest – is confidence” and “a team with this much inexperience also works like a great house of cards. If anyone doesn’t hold up their end of the deal on any given day or if confidence wavers with a revolving door rotation or if morale falters after a tough loss, it all falls apart.”

One of the biggest message board complaints this season has become about the players’ apparent lack of confidence. Virginia can’t make shots, turns the ball over frequently,