New Offense? Spread Out, Move Fast, Make Plays

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Jameel Sewell could take advantage of his running skills in this offense.

When Virginia hired Gregg Brandon this offseason as its offensive coordinator, the objective was to install a new spread system in Charlottesville and inject some much-needed excitement into the offense. The Cavaliers even started marketing some ticket sales around Brandon’s offense. The fans’ first glimpse at the spread offense came in Saturday’s Spring Game and those in attendance saw plenty of players in action.

Certainly there are questions on everyone’s mind. What are some basic traits of this spread? What’s different about this offense compared to last season’s aborted attempt at spread sets? What types of plays are going to be used? The Sabre takes a look with five fast thoughts on the offense.

No Huddle, Faster Tempo. Speaking of fast, fans have undoubtedly heard about the no-huddle element of Brandon’s spread. The idea, of course, is to put pressure on the defense. But does no huddle mean hurry up? It could, but don’t expect a never-ending two-minute drill out of the Cavaliers.

“It doesn’t affect us a lot at all. We’re able to get our personnel in and out. Whatever personnel we need, they can get in and get out,” UVa quarterback Jameel Sewell said. “Really, I think it could give us a big advantage against the defense.”

“We tried to make it kind of fast today,” Sewell said later. “That’s what Coach Brandon wants it to be, fast but not in a hurry. Not a rush, but very fast.”

The biggest difference without the huddle is the general tempo and rhythm the offense displayed on Saturday. The whole offense seemed to click along at a comfortable pace without seeming hurried or chaotic. Players definitely notice the quicker tempo of things.

“We’re definitely moving a lot. This is a fast-paced offense,”