JHoo’s Summer Reading ’09: Receivers

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Javaris Brown ‘s “wiggle” helps him makes plays on the field.

I am finally changing the line-up, folks. Every year during this “Summer Reading” series, it has been quarterbacks first, running backs second. This year, it was quarterbacks first but this time, the wide receivers are up next. Why? With the ball likely to be in the air quite a bit more for the Hoos next year, it just seems right to focus in on the receivers.

The “Starters”

At this stage in the process, it is difficult to say that the “starters” for the 2009 season already are set in stone because very simply, they aren’t. Still, however the receivers ultimately line up, it seems obvious to me that several players are setting themselves up to be on the field an awful lot in 2009. So whether or not you want to peg them as “starters” today, we will discuss them first.

It admittedly is strange to start that discussion with a player that has not stepped onto the field yet but Javaris Brown quickly is establishing himself as the kind of player an offensive staff loves to get on the field and keep on the field. First and foremost, Brown just seems to have a bit of a presence on the field, something that was apparent from his first day of practice. Part of that certainly can be attributed to Brown’s speed – arguably the best aspect of his game – but beyond that, he just seems to be one of those players that has a big play in him at some point during the game and so when the ball is in his hands, everyone wonders if this is the play. Brown also is one of the returners that may benefit most from the transition with new coach Gregg Brandon – Brandon’s offense places an emphasis on getting the ball to receivers in space and letting them make plays and Brown is a player who thrives in space and can make plays when he gets that opportunity. Brown’s hands do not fall into the “sticky” category but he