NBAPA Top 100 Player Capsules

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Kyle Collinsworth

In viewing the NBAPA Top 100 Camp earlier this month, I had the opportunity to get a first-hand glimpse at some of the nation’s elite prospects as Division I teams across the land try to form their rosters for years to come. I took down a ton of notes on players from point guard to center in an effort to familiarize myself and Sabre EDGE subscribers with some of the recruits’ skills.

Before diving in, a couple of housekeeping items for perspective:

I try not to read many articles or evaluations of any of these prospects prior to the NBAPA event. Typically, I have a vague idea at best as to who has what rankings or how many stars dot the landscape. College commitments? I learn that portion as the event moves along.

I try to take notes from a coaches’ perspective so you’ll see things like defensive stance, positioning, and the like in the notes. I also try to keep Virginia’s system in mind when watching the players, though that task is harder this year with only sporadic Washington State film available on YouTube.

So with that, on to the notes …

In Depth

Jelan Kendrick

Michael Gilchrist, 6’7″/220, SF, 2011. Possibly and probably the best player in camp regardless of position or year. A very smooth, rhythmic player. Never seemed hurried or out of control – love his pace. Showed great body control and lateral steps. Clearly has scoring ability as well as shooter’s touch. Looked interested and solid on defensive end too where he blocked two shots from behind in the “save a basket” in transition mold.

Jelan Kendrick, 6’6″/190,