‘Good Twin’ Returns For Virginia

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Jameel Sewell and the Cavaliers won their second straight game.

There’s a simple explanation for this. Virginia has an evil twin. Right? It’s happened to Bart Simpson, Bender, and KITT from Knight Rider. Shoot, it even happened to Superman! How else can you explain the Cavaliers’ transformation over the last month? From losing 26-14 and 30-10 with fans booing heavily to rolling 47-7 over Indiana with fans cheering heartily, UVa has pulled the same season switcheroo yet again.

In 2007, it was a 9-4 campaign after a 23-3 loss at Wyoming. In 2008, it was three lopsided losses (52-7 to Southern Cal, 45-10 to UConn, and 31-3 to Duke) followed by an improbable 4-0 October. And now, the 2009 tap dance has started with two double-digit wins in two weeks.

So yes, many reporters and fans alike had fairly simple commentary after this one and it goes something like this: “I can’t figure this team out.” And really, no one should feel alone with that sentiment. Who the heck are we going to see week to week?

After all, the Cavaliers piled up 536 yards of offense and 47 points against Indiana after averaging 272.3 yards per game for the first four games (if you take out Southern Miss, the Hoos averaged 233.0 in the other three outings). They also held IU and UNC to 10 combined points after allowing more than 25 points each to William & Mary, TCU, and Southern Miss. And so on.

So Virginia fans are left to wonder week to week: Who is going to show up?

The team that ran and passed at will against Indiana or the team that struggled to do either against TCU. The team that smothered UNC and Indiana or the team that wilted against Southern Miss. The team that loses in frustrating fashion or wins when you least expect it.

I think most Hoos would prefer the team that showed up the past two Saturdays. The team that was plain fed up with losing.

“Sometimes you’ve just got to be fed up and we were just fed up,” senior captain Vic Hall said. “It was containment time for everybody from the