10 Things I Learned From Indiana

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What in the world just happened? Seriously? Were we really up 30-0 at the half? Against a Big Ten team? Seriously? We won 47-7? Are you sure?

I have to say that a day later, as I write this column, my reactions to the game still are pretty scattered. So expect the “random thoughts” at the end to be a bit longer than usual, as there is plenty on my mind at the moment.

Virginia’s play has improved a lot during the two-game winning streak.

1. A Sunny Perspective. The game is winding down and a friend says to me, “You know, we really should be a 4-1 team.” I suspect because I gave him an odd look, he continued, leading to the following back-and-forth:

“Do you think we would have had better results if we had not played merry-go-round with the quarterbacks to start the season?”


“If we played William & Mary again, do you think we would win?”


“Were we up big on Southern Miss?”


“Do you think we should have beaten Southern Miss?”


“So there you go. 4-1.”

So do I buy that logic? No. Personally, I am more from the same camp Al Groh calls his own, the one that says that you are what your record says you are. That makes us a 2-3 team. And some of the decisions that led to the 2-3 record – such as the decision regarding how to handle the quarterbacks – were completely within the control of the staff and so have to be part of what “this team” is.

But I will tell you what else our record that makes us. That makes us a team on a two-game winning streak, 1-0 in the conference, and coming off an absolute behind-the-woodshed beating of a Big Ten team that was far from a pushover, a team that started 3-0, that gave Michigan all they could handle, and that played Ohio State a heck of a lot closer than they played us. That is what the locker room has to remember, and it will.