Hoo Preview ’09: Curtis Helping Shape Program

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More With Mike Curtis

What sent you down the strength and conditioning career path to begin with?

“I was here undergrad majoring in sports medicine and the majority of my time had been spent in the training room trying to help my mentor Ethan Saliba fix people and learning how to fix people through his teachings. But I got to a point where dealing with kids who come in and who are injured and going through that process wasn’t for me. I wanted to be on the other end of things so I kind of soul-searched and looked at what I could do from a standpoint of keeping people out of the training room and enhancing their performance. So I kind of transitioned from a rehabilitation role into a performance enhancement and injury prevention role my first year of grad school.”

One thing you hear a lot in regard to strength training these days is core, core, core. Is that part of your philosophy?

“The big thing I try to focus on, and this is a word that I use as my buzzword now, is function. What can we do to help them function as basketball players? Not necessarily just come in and get strong to get strong, but get strong as basketball players. Does that involve that buzzword ‘the core’, well yeah it does but that’s just one part of it. What things can we do from a functional sense that kind of look and smell and sniff like basketball? So what I’m looking at what we do from a training perspective, those things are going to look like basketball. So if you take a snapshot, we’re going to introduce movements and train guys in a way that prepares them for the movements of basketball.”

Does the fact that you played basketball help you in your current role?

“I think it did. When you had to go through the