Reslotting Candidates Could Vary

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John-Kevin Dolce could possibly contribute at defensive tackle in a 4-3.

By the simplest counting method, and ignoring all contingencies, 71 players from this past year’s team will be returning for next season. All 71 were recruited with a primary position or two in mind, and all 71 have been practicing at a particular position.

Enter Mike London, a coach who brings with him a 4-3 defense and an offensive philosophy that will not mirror the system, whatever it was, that Al Groh chose to run (often, on a game-to-game basis). Those 71 returning players and the incoming first years are going to have to fill out the depth chart in the new systems, and that means that not all of the 71 will be playing the same position next year that they played this year.

That is where I come in. Reslotting, as I am sure you are aware, is one of my favorite topics, sandwiched on my list of favorite topics between “Slotting” and “The one time in 1997 that my wife said I was right.” So I get the job of writing this article.

Before I get into the players, however, let me be clear that I am not predicting which players in fact will be reslotted. Simply put, without a defensive coordinator and offensive coordinator, and before the spring practices, it is too early to make such predictions. Instead, this is an examination of those players who I believe most easily and most capably can shift from their current position to a new position.

So without further ado …

John-Kevin Dolce . At his first press conference, Mike London made clear that the 3-4 was dead and the 4-3 was the new system on defense. That means one less linebacker and one more defensive tackle, and that means everyone is wondering from where those extra defensive tackles will come. I suspect that one option will be John-Kevin Dolce . Not a position switch, you say? I beg to differ. Dolce was never a traditional nose tackle or defensive tackle in Al Groh’s 3-4 system, instead