Kris’ Monday Musings – Landesberg’s Growth

Sylven Landesberg is developing more offensive weapons.

The Virginia men’s basketball team hits the floor for a pair of games this week, including the Hoos’ ACC opener at N.C. State on Saturday. That will be Sylven Landesberg ‘s first look at conference defenses this year, one season after being named the ACC Rookie of the Year. Is Landesberg, who struggled at times against some league teams as a freshman, ready for the challenge?

After all, teams with high level athletes and long-armed defenders have given Landesberg trouble at times in his career. The runners and floaters Hoo fans are used to seeing fall frequently come up short or seem rushed against teams with those types of defenders. Look no further than the most recent game against UAB for both the good and the bad side of that fact. The athletic bodies and defensive length of the Blazers caused issues for Landesberg in the Cavaliers’ 72-63 victory; he made just 6 of 16 shots (37.5%) and missed many of his looks on moves to the basket. Thus, the bad.