ACC Scouting Report: Virginia Tech

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Sammy Zeglinski and the Hoos need to hit some outside shots against VT.

5-5. That is the regular season record Virginia Tech and UVa hold against each other since the Hokies joined the ACC in 2004. While the football rivalry dominates the headlines, the basketball games have provided some memorable moments for both fan bases in what has become a hotly contested match-up. This year should be no different as the teams, at least on paper, seem to be set for another barnburner in Charlottesville.

Virginia Tech Offense

With the graduation of A.D. Vassallo following last season, Virginia Tech head coach Seth Greenberg knew that offense would be hard to come by in the 2009-2010 season. To address this problem, Greenberg has opened up his sets on that end of the court, introducing a motion offense and several other new sets and looks to help generate points in the half-court for his squad. Unfortunately for the Hokies, they are still far from an offensive juggernaut, but the new looks and motion offense have helped to open up the offense and give their players good looks.

Regardless of the set, Virginia Tech’s offense relies heavily on ball screens. In every alignment you will see the wings get exaggerated spacing to set up a ball screen coming for Malcolm Delaney . This serves to isolate one of the posts for an entry while forcing the defense to choose between helping down and closing the lane on a driving Delaney, or to sit out on the wings and hope that the two men defending the screen play can get the stop. Lately it has been Jeff Allen coming on the early ball screen, then rolling off looking for a shot. Allen staying outside allows for Victor Davila to get a one-on-one match-up around the rim, a match-up that is becoming more and more favorable to the Hokies with every game Davila plays.

Offensively, Virginia Tech closely resembles Wake Forest, and in offensive theory the two teams are almost