ACC Scouting Report: Boston College

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Can Jontel Evans and the Hoos defend the flex offense and produce points against BC?

Hitting the road to try to end a seven-game losing streak is not an enviable situation – doing it with an injured leading scorer and against one of the toughest offensive systems to defend in college basketball makes it that much more difficult. With what might be Virginia’s best chance to get another win in the 2010 season, the Boston College Eagles will provide a stiff challenge while also giving us a preview of what we might see in the following game against the Maryland Terrapins.

Boston College Offense

Talent being equal, there is no offense in the entire country I would dread preparing for more than the tight flex offense that Al Skinner runs at Boston College. I don’t say this because the offense is confusing, or overly complicated; Skinner’s offense is a model of simplicity in fact. I would dread preparing for this offense because you know exactly what is coming and you still must execute at a high level to stop it. Unfortunately for Virginia, defending multiple screens and maintaining defensive discipline has been an area of weakness all season and Boston College is well suited to take advantage of that. While many teams have shown the flex this year (including: N.C. State, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, Maryland, etc.), none run it quite the way Boston College does – in fact I’m not familiar with another program in college basketball that bases its entire attack around the tight flex.

In the scouting reports and game breakdowns, there has been a good amount of discussion as to what a flex offense is so I won’t completely recap that discussion. Instead I’ll focus on where the BC system fits in with other attacks UVa has seen this season and why those attacks have been so successful.

The flex in general is a rotation of players through a pattern of established screens. The players within the flex are generally interchangeable and the emphasis is placed on tight spacing to allow for quick ball reversals