Breaking Down The Duke/BC Losses

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Jerome Meyinsse had a strong night against Duke.

While the final result of the Duke and Boston College games were similar to others in the past month, both games showcased some positives that hadn’t been seen much as well as many of the same problems. In both games we saw adjustments by Tony Bennett and players scrambling to turn the season around. I’ll take a look at some of the positives and negatives of each contest and briefly cover what these two games should show us going forward.


With Sylven Landesberg sidelined and the Blue Devils having a hot night from the floor, there isn’t much about the Duke game that deserves in-depth analysis. There is a very obvious talent gap between these two teams and that was the biggest storyline to come out of the John Paul Jones Arena. Despite a game that I don’t think Virginia could’ve won in almost any circumstance given the way Duke shot the ball, I do think there are some things from this game worth taking a quick look at because I actually felt much better about this game breaking down the tape than I did watching it live.


When you have a slumping offense meeting up with a top 10 defense, things usually aren’t going to go well. When you have a slumping offense missing its leading scorer, then things usually aren’t going to go well against any defense. Despite what was, on paper, the second worst defensive performance of the season (.777 points per possession), I actually took some real positives from the offensive performance against the Blue Devils that would spill over into the next game against Boston College, and while a small step, have me holding out some hope that this Virginia squad is going to go out fighting the rest of the year.

I’ll start by saying that I have no knowledge if the changes I’m about to detail were based on the knowledge that Landesberg might not play, if they were a result of the game getting