JHoo’s Summer Reading 2010: Running Backs

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Terence Fells-Danzer appears to be settling in as a fullback.

If there is a unit that I find hard to evaluate right now, it is the running backs. (OK, there are a few such units, but I digress.) What I know: we have a fullback again, which brings me great joy, and we have a ton of tailbacks. But as for the pecking order of the tailbacks, and the upside they represent, and the way things will play out over the summer and early fall practices, and … well, let’s discuss.

The Starters

At tailback, I haven’t the foggiest. More on that later.

As for the starter at fullback – and I love that we once again get to talk about having a starter at fullback – Terence Fells-Danzer ended the spring at the top of the depth chart and I fully expect that he will still be at the top of the depth chart for game one.

Fells-Danzer was an accomplished high school tailback that many programs had slotted to stay in the offensive backfield at the next level, but he began his college career at linebacker, a move that I thought was logical enough. Seemingly from day one, however, Fells-Danzer seems to be locked in Al Groh’s doghouse, a situation that always had me a bit confused because I could never figure out what exactly got Fells-Danzer on the wrong side of the coach. Regardless, despite some moments in practices and scrimmages, Fells-Danzer got few opportunities on game days to show what he could bring to the field.

Enter Mike London. With the new coach on board and with the re-introduction of the fullback as a major cog in the offense, Fells-Danzer is one of those players who got a fresh start and really has run with it, figuratively and literally. In spring practices, for example, Fells-Danzer flashed excellent speed for a fullback, good hands, and a surprising level of elusiveness. While Fells-Danzer does not really project as a move-the-pile runner in short yardage situations, he showed