The Sunday Sampler – BC

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Sophomore Will Hill had a sack at Boston College.

Taking a look at the statistics from Virginia’s game at Boston College on Saturday, the line for sophomore Will Hill doesn’t jump off the page. Hill’s first career sack is the only tackle to his credit. Yet, the 6’4″ Williamsburg native showed signs that he could be a solid, and important, option at defensive tackle in the years to come.

The best few plays for Hill, perhaps, came near the mid-point of the second quarter.

First, on 2nd-and-8 at the 8:55 mark, Hill gets shoved inside by BC senior Thomas Claiborne, but immediately uses the momentum to spin back to the outside. He then used a double-handed punch move to the chest pads to bump the right guard backward and free up an inside pass-rushing alley. Hill needed to get his hands up and try to deflect the ball on the next few steps as Chase Rettig released the ball directly through Hill’s window, but it was a solid one-play effort.

On the play after that completion, Hill is involved again. This time, he is shaded just a tad to the inside gap between the center and the guard with Boston College running back Montel Harris straight up the right hash marks on his side as the single back in the set. At the snap, Claiborne tries to turn Hill outside and does get him going away from the planned running alley. With two players, the left guard and the motion H-back, pulling back to the right to lead into that hole, it could have been a big play for the Eagles if those two lead blockers could take on the two linebackers crashing the hole for Virginia. However, Hill teamed with Zane Parr to create penetration from the left side of UVa’s defense near the running alley; that forced the two pulling blockers to try to clear the congestion vs. lead through the hole and it collapsed the right side of the alley for Harris. As a result, Harris has to start easing back to his left to try to get through the collapsed crease, which allowed Cavalier linebacker Ausar Walcott to track the play down the line of scrimmage by