Cavalier Check-Up: Hoos Back In Action

Joe Harris and the Hoos will try to keep up their recent winning ways.

Coming off of a rough performance in Hawaii and at the end of a long road trip did anyone see this coming? After the loss to Stanford this young team came out and was steamrolled by Washington, which shouldn’t have been surprising because bouncing back from a loss and focusing on the next game is particularly hard for freshmen who are taking in a lot of information and facing situations they have never experienced before. That should make what happened in Minneapolis and Blacksburg all the more improbable; while the match-ups in each game actually worked out fairly well for this Cavalier team, taking advantage of those opportunities is a sign of a maturing team.

Those two unexpected wins vaulted UVa to 6-3 overall and 1-0 in the ACC entering the exam break. With those exams finishing up this week, the Hoos return to action on Friday against Oregon. It’s a perfect chance to perform a Cavalier check-up.