Frustrating For Fans

Mustapha Farrakhan , where was your shooting touch last night?

It’s a rough life being a Cavalier fan. Enduring countless disappointments from the major revenue sports, putting up with taunts and jibes from opposing fanbases, and being frustrated at decisions from above have all been a part of my first seven semesters at the University of Virginia. Now that I’ve entered my eighth, I’m disinclined to be so easy mollified. I demand change, I demand improvement, and I demand it now before I have to leave Charlottesville, only to return as an alum.

Thursday night’s basketball game against Maryland highlighted a few of my major gripes. When the Hoos are good, they’re good. But when they’re bad … let’s just say things get out of hand in a hurry. It’s nights like those that make me really miss Mike Scott. Maryland had Tony Bennett’s team on their heels all night, and nobody seemed able to step up and seize control of the game for Virginia. On our home court, in front of our fanbase, against a big ACC rival? Unacceptable. We could have used another 8 3-pointer game from Mustapha Farrakhan , or a dominating performance from one of our up-and-coming young players.