Zone Presses Remain A Riddle

Sammy Zeglinski and the Hoos faced a zone press again vs. BC.

No one that met with the media on Saturday could put a finger on the answer. The question? What is it about soft zone presses, typically 1-2-2 alignments, that causes so much trouble for the Cavaliers? Players on the Virginia men’s basketball team seemed as frustrated as any spectators with the results against the tactic, which again created problems this weekend in a 63-44 loss to Boston College.

UVa seemingly had control of the contest on Saturday until the waning moments of the first half. That’s when BC pulled its 1-2-2 zone press out of the bag and rallied from a half-long deficit to the intermission lead, which it never relinquished. Corey Raji and Reggie Jackson each came up with steals during the 1:30 stretch, which accounted for half of the Eagles’ steals on the day.