Hoo Preview 2012: JHoo’s Preseason Questions

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Another season is almost upon us and like most seasons, questions abound. Answers to those questions will come in time and so I suppose we could just set aside the questions and allow things to unfold as they will … but if we did that, could we really call ourselves fans? No, of course not, as it is part of the DNA of any fan that one must ponder the questions. Here are 10 such questions that I am chewing on going into the 2012 season.

Phillip Sims and coach Mike London share a laugh at practice.

1. How is the quarterback position going to play out? Might as well get “the” question out of the way first, eh?

The funny thing is that in a lot of ways, there have been few surprises this summer when it comes to how the quarterback competition has played out. Who went into camp with the starting job? Michael Rocco, as expected. Who has shown the best grasp of the offense? Rocco, as expected. Of the three quarterbacks competing for the starting job, which is the most physically impressive? Phillip Sims , as expected. Which quarterback has the best “wow” moments? David Watford , as expected. Which quarterback is the most inconsistent? Watford, as expected. Which quarterback is the most accurate up and down the route tree? Sims, as expected. Which quarterback is the most consistent getting the ball where it should be when it should be there? Rocco, as expected.

If I am forced to say what from this camp has surprised me the most, I suppose it would be a tie between the fact that David Watford is a little further along than I expected and freshman Greyson Lambert is a little closer to being ready to compete than I might have realized. Still, focusing on those surprises would distract from the fact that things are about where they could have been expected to be