Strategy Session: Few 2013 Targets Remain

The Class Of 2013

2013 Season Roster Breakdown (scholarship players only)

QB: 7, including one senior (M. Rocco), one junior (P. Sims), one sophomore (D. Watford), two red-shirt freshmen (G. Lambert, M. Johns), and two 2013 Class recruits (C. Cutler, B. Marshall)
TB: 5, including three juniors (K. Parks, C. Richardson, K. Shepherd), one red-shirt freshman (K. Morgan), and one 2013 Class recruit (T. Mizzell)
FB: 1 junior (Z. Swanson)
WR: 14, including two seniors (B. Smith, T. Smith), four juniors (M. Gooch, D. Jennings, E. Scott, D. Terrell), two sophomores (A. Gamble, C. Severin), three red-shirt freshmen (J. Brown, K. Dockins, M. Nixon), and three 2013 Class recruits (K. Johnson, Z. Jones, A. Levrone, Jr.)
TE: 4, including one senior (J. Mathis), one junior (J. McGee), one sophomore (R. Burns), and one 2013 Class recruit (M. Valles)
C: 2, including one senior (L. Bowanko) and one sophomore (R. Burbank)
OG: 7, including one senior (S. Cascarano), two juniors (C. Davis, C. Wallace), two red-shirt freshmen (R. Doull, S. Karl), and two 2013 Class recruits (B. Henson, J. McDonald)
OT: 5, including one senior (M. Moses), one junior (K. Johnson), one sophomore (J. Whitmire), one red-shirt freshman (M. Mooney), and one 2013 Class recruit (S. Olanrewaju)
DT: 10, including two seniors (J. Renfrow, B. Urban), one junior (C. Brathwaite), three sophomores (V. Croce, D. Dean, M. Jones), one red-shirt freshman (A. Miles-Redmond), and three 2013 Class recruits (T. Chavis, J. English, D. Wilkins)
DE: 6, including one senior (J. Snyder), one junior (S. Lawe), three sophomores (D. Bailey, E. Harold, M. Moore), and one red-shirt freshman (C. Wynn)
MLB: 2, including one sophomore (K. Moore) and one 2013 Class recruit (slotting M. Kiser here)
OLB: 8, including three juniors (H. Coley, D. Hill, D. Romero), two sophomores (D. Brim, T. Corney), one red-shirt freshman (M. Hall), and two 2013 Class recruits (Z. Bradshaw, L. Smith)
S: 10, including one senior (R. Walker), three juniors (P. Alvarez, A. Harris, B. Phelps), four sophomores (A. Cooper, K. Latimer, D. Lee, M. Thomas), one red-shirt freshman (W. Wahee), and one 2013 Class recruit (M. Cook)
CB: 9, including two juniors (D. Hoskey, D. Nicholson), one sophomore (M. Canady), three red-shirt freshmen (C. Moore, K. Rainey, D. Walker), and three 2013 Class recruits (H. Corporan, K. Garner, T. Harris)
Special Teams: None currently