Things I Learned 2012: Virginia Tech

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Steve Greer ‘s final game at UVa earned ACC Linebacker of the Week honors.

Could the 2012 season have ended on more of a sour note? Put another way, if UVa had been blown out on Saturday, would that have felt worse?

Rationally, of course this 17-14 loss was “better.” Emotionally, that’s a bit harder to decide.

A Game Thing

I am going to focus on a positive to start this column, even one positive that is surrounded by negatives.

I could focus on the coaching decisions certainly, but I will get to that later in the column, as soon as I work up the courage to focus on it.

I could focus on the offense, but when they manage all of seven first downs, that would be a short discussion.

No, I am going to start by focusing on the defense because, with nothing approaching help coming from either the offense or special teams, could the defense have done much more? When the defense is only outscored by a single touchdown, can you hope for much more, especially on the road?

The defense, simply put, did its job.

Take the spot the defense was put in right after Tech’s successful fake punt. On 2nd-and-10 right after the fake punt, I’m thinking: Can two linebackers play a wide receiver screen better than La’Roy Reynolds and Steve Greer just did? A week after UVa was clobbered on quick hitters to the wide receivers, Jim Reid and the defensive staff made some adjustments, almost all of which seems to pan out well.

Speaking of doing something as well as you can do it, when Virginia Tech was facing 3rd-and-2 right at the end of the first quarter, did you see the push Brent Urban gets on offensive guard David Wang ? Urban has Wang backpedaling five yards in the backfield, actually knocking Wang into the ball carrier, completely blowing up the play.