Double Bonus: Clemson 2

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Virginia’s Joe Harris poured in 21 points in the win.

Virginia chalked up lucky No. 13 on Thursday night. The men’s basketball team rattled off its 13th straight home win by defeating Clemson in a 78-41 laugher. That set a program record for consecutive victories at the John Paul Jones Arena. A lot of things went right for the Hoos in the triumph and the “Double Bonus” once again takes a look at a few of the storylines.

Harris’ More Aggressive Approach

In the second half at Georgia Tech, I thought Virginia’s Joe Harris struggled to score in part due to a lack of shot variety. In that Double Bonus article, I discussed the Jackets’ strategy and how Harris became glued to the perimeter too much to counter what Coach Bennett calls ‘lock and chase’ defense.

Bennett is referencing when a defender stays close to Harris before he starts his cuts and then tries to stay locked on his hip while chasing him through any screens. With good help defense to deny curls toward the basket with those off-ball screens, it can be an effective tactic to slow down shooters. At least, it can be effective if there is not enough variety to an individual’s offensive attack. That’s why I thought Harris got lulled into hunting jumpers in Atlanta after intermission. He agrees.

“I felt like in the Georgia Tech game, I don’t know exactly what it was, I just wasn’t as aggressive in the second half. I wasn’t moving with the same kind of pace that I was in the first half,” Harris said.

Against Clemson on Thursday night, a more aggressive Harris and the Cavaliers made the adjustment to physical chase defense. How? Shot variety.

Multiple times early in the game, Harris looked to post up Rod Hall, a 6’1″ guard that covered the 6’6″ UVa forward for most of the January game in South Carolina, or players like Jordan Roper (5’11”) and Demarcus Harrison (6’4″). The