Observations From NBPA Top 100 Camp At Virginia

The NBPA Top 100 Camp took its annual spin through the John Paul Jones Arena last week and some of the nation’s top-rated basketball recruits, including several with Virginia interest, took part in the event. For the first time after adjusted NCAA regulations, college coaches were allowed to observe for a 24-hour period so the camp’s games were packed heavily into sessions on consecutive days.

While taking photos for the site at the event on those two days, I made some observations of the players in action. Those notes can be read in three parts below. The first section is on recent point guard commitment Reece Beekman. The second section is on a trio of forwards that have received UVA interest to varying degrees so far in the process. The third section provides observations on four players with Cavalier interest and three others I thought stood out as potential Virginia-like players plus quick one-liner style notes on others that I saw less frequently.

As always, I go into this camp with no real knowledge of the players and I haven’t seen highlights on anyone mentioned in this article. This is a short viewing window and therefore incomplete in analysis in that sense, but it’s a good tool for first impressions.

Let’s get to it.