Virginia Football Notes: Transfers Learning UVA Tempo, Jahmeer Carter, & More

It’s no secret that Virginia football coach Tony Elliott wants fast-paced, high-tempo, and efficient practices with his Cavaliers. The players get shuffled from one drill station to the next regularly in skill-building portion of practice, while the later team segments often feature alternating groups getting reps side by side.

That design has been there since Elliott arrived and he has commented at times about how many reps the team can reel off in a 90-minute practice. It requires players to be mentally engaged and ready to roll with each rep change.

With a whole host of names joining the program this spring, a bunch of newcomers are getting a taste of the tempo for the first time. Transfers like Andre Greene Jr., Kendren Smith, Chris Tyree, Gavin Frakes, and Kempton Shine have experience with practices elsewhere at the college level, for example, but it can still take a moment to adjust even if previous stops have been high paced as well.

Shine, a graduate student defensive back, talked a little bit about the dynamic after the first practice this spring.