Preferred Walk-Ons Podcast: Survive And Advance

In three short weeks, North Carolina State has completed one of the most incredible turnarounds in NCAA basketball history. Left for dead entering the ACC Tournament, the Wolfpack have ascended to the pinnacle of college basketball at the Final Four.

In this episode, the Preferred Walk-Ons Podcast outlines the reasons for NC State’s success and discuss what the whirlwind has felt like from a fan perspective.

  • NC State’s improbable run to the Final Four (0:00-13:35)
  • Frustration among the UNC fanbase (13:35-17:06)
  • UConn’s continued dominance and Final Four picks (17:06-26:30)
  • The star power remaining in the women’s tournament (26:30-33:18) presents The Preferred Walk-Ons Podcast, a college sports podcast through the lens of the ACC. Michael McGraw, a University of Virginia graduate and fan, and Michael Shutt, a life-long NC State fan, both grew up watching the ACC and have insights on the history and present of the conference.

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