Message Boards has plenty of forums for you to discuss a range of topics. We carry the traditional boards, such as football and basketball, but we also provide some specialty boards as well. Take a look at the links below to interact with other fans with similar interests. But, before you jump in and start posting, please refer to our Terms of Service page in order to avoid a rough start. Please respect the rights and opinions of others and please post topics within the scope of each particular board.

Traditional Boards

Specialty Boards

  • Sabre Edge Subscriber Board – This board is for those die-hard recruiting fans who want to get recent updates on recruits and be able to speak freely about the recruiting content offered by This board is also a great place for Sabre Edge subscribers to discuss UVa athletics amongst themselves without interference from outside sources. You must subscribe to the Sabre Edge in order to have access to this board. Sign up here.
  • Sabre Edge Ticket Exchange Board – This board is a convenience for Sabre Edge subscribers to request tickets or find a home for unused tickets. With this board, there’s less of a worry that your tickets might fall into the hands of rival fans. You must subscribe to the Sabre Edge in order to have access to this board. Sign up here.
  • In-Game Chat Board – Please use this board for chatting during games and for updating times and scores during games. This helps eliminate the chat style traffic from the regular boards.
  • Olympic Sports – We’ve consolidated several boards into one. If you are interested in softball, swimming & diving, track, cross country, field hockey, wrestling, volleyball, golf or crew, this board is the place for you.
  • “The Corner” – General Discussion – Want to talk about something other than sports? Try ‘The Corner’ Board, a great place for off-topic conversations. Note: Please do not post anything of a political nature on this board.
  • Ticket Exchange – Need a ticket or two? Or, have a ticket or two to spare? Use this forum to help fill the stands at Scott Stadium and in JPJ.
  • Classifieds – For selling or buying of households items, collectibles, etc.