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Advertise with, and you’ll reach tens of thousands of the most passionate University of Virginia fans on the Internet. readers are affluent, and they pay close attention to who advertises on Advertise with us, and they’ll seek you out when the time comes.

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Our Readers Support Our Sponsors

These are actual responses from our May 2015 demographic survey.

“Only web site I look at where I actually pay attention to the ads!”
“I have in the past and will continue to buy from Sabre sponsors if it they have what I am looking for.”
“It’s my homepage. That tells you all you need to know.”
“If a business cares about and supports the same things I do, for example my University, then I will happily give them my business.”
“Sabre sponsorship does matter to me and I do use it in making vendor choices.”
“I have purchased items from Sabre sponsors/partners in the past because they support this site. Love the site and visit it at least a half dozen times a day.”
“I follow Sabre comments on sponsorship. For ex., when I’m in Charlottesville, I buy at UVA Bookstore rather than at other stores which have similar merchandise.”
“Great site. Best resource for UVA information AND other recommendations. I pay more attention to Sabre Ads than any other site I visit in an effort to support the site in a very simple way.” 
“I have used the Sabre discount at the bookstore and should make an attempt to patronize more sponsors.”
“I support businesses that support the Sabre!”
“Love The Sabre and will continue to support it and its’ advertisers.”
“I do try to support the Sabre advertisers. Both my kids live in C’ille so I visit often for sports events and a meal. One is a UVa grad and the other worked there.”
“Always willing to support Sabre sponsors especially if they are running promotions that are good for both parties.”
“I try and support the Sabres’ sponsors whenever possible.”


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