Virginia Basketball Scholarship Picture

At a glance …

Point GuardsReece Beekman (Sr.)
Dante Harris (R-Jr.)Dante Harris (R-Sr.)
Christian Bliss (Fr.)Christian Bliss (R-Fr.)Christian Bliss (R-So.)Christian Bliss (R-Jr.)Christian Bliss (R-Sr.)
WingsTaine Murray (Jr.)Taine Murray (Sr.)
Isaac McKneely (So.)Isaac McKneely (Jr.)Isaac McKneely (Sr.)
Ryan Dunn (So.)Ryan Dunn (Jr.)Ryan Dunn (Sr.)
Andrew Rohde (So.)Andrew Rohde (Jr.)Andrew Rohde (Sr.)
Leon Bond (R-Fr.)Leon Bond (R-So.)Leon Bond (R-Jr.)Leon Bond (R-Sr.)
Elijah Gertrude (Fr.)Elijah Gertrude (So.)Elijah Gertrude (Jr.)Elijah Gertrude (Sr.)
Jacob Groves (Sr.)
PostsJordan Minor (Sr.)
Anthony Robinson (Fr.)Anthony Robinson (So.)Anthony Robinson (Jr.)Anthony Robinson (Sr.)
Blake Buchanan (Fr.)Blake Buchanan (So.)Blake Buchanan (Jr.)Blake Buchanan (Sr.)
Jacob Cofie (Fr.)Jacob Cofie (So.)Jacob Cofie (Jr.)Jacob Cofie (Sr.)
Scholarships Given1311962
Scholarships Open024710
* Note: Due to Covid-related eligibility waivers, some players may have additional years available not listed here.

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  1. With the dismissal of Austin Nichols, isn’t it true that UVA has another scholarship available which could be used for 2017-2018? I haven’t heard that Tony is recruiting any 2017 prospects since Anthony signed? Any indication that he is?

  2. Young is not considering UVA. No 2017 Class prospects have surfaced as of yet, but I’m sure the staff is considering all options, from 2017 recruits to transfers. If the right high school senior comes along, I’m sure Bennett would pursue them … just haven’t heard any specific names just yet.

  3. Chris, It would be interesting if you would do a feature describing what happened to the players who have transferred during the TB era. Thank you.

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