Preferred Walk-Ons Podcast: The Magnificent Seven presents The Preferred Walk-Ons Podcast, a college sports podcast through the lens of the ACC. Michael McGraw, a University of Virginia graduate and fan, and Michael Shutt, a life-long NC State fan, both grew up watching the ACC and have insights on the history and present of the conference … plus plenty of healthy ABC – (Anybody But Carolina) bias.

Even during the offseason, there’s never a dull moment in ACC sports. Basketball prospects are trying to make names for themselves at the NBA Combine, while rumors swirl about ACC schools looking for ways to break free of a daunting grant of rights agreement. In this episode:

  • One of the most dominant college dynasties of the modern era (0:00-7:15)
  • How various ACC basketball players, including Reece Beekman, might fare in the NBA (7:15-34:14)
  • The trade-offs of our schools pursuing plans to leave the ACC (34:14-46:28)
  • An outlandish plan for NCAA realignment based purely on geography (46:28-1:00:00)

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