SabreMail – Weekly Updates on your Hoos

SabreMail is designed to efficiently keep you up to date on the Hoos with our weekly eMailing. If you just don’t have the time to visit a dozen times per day, then SabreMail is just what you need.

Note to Verizon, Mindspring, EarthLink and Comcast users:

Many large Internet Service Providers use strict email spam filtering that will either reject our automatic SabreMail emails to you, or they will request some sort of authentication or confirmation from us. In order to insure that you receive SabreMail properly, you are suggested to put our domain name within your exception list (some ISP’s call this different things, like ACCEPTED SENDER, TRUSTED SITES or WHITE LIST). You will want to put ‘’ as a trusted site. If they require an official email, use staff @ (remember to close up the spaces). For more info, check with your internet service provider. Thank you.