Spring Report: Nick’s Notebook

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The UVa spring football practices have been full of story lines this year. Based on the spring practices that I’ve watched, I’ve put together a collection of observations. Maybe if I knew exactly what a blog was, I would put together one of those, but instead I’ll turn to the fancy journalism term – “Notes.”

Size Matters

  • There has been much discussion of how many players seem to have gotten a lot bigger. That was probably the first thing that struck me at spring practice.

    Kevin McCabe

  • Probably most obvious was backup QB Kevin McCabe . When he arrived at UVa, he was very skinny and seemed like he didn’t have much exposure to a serious weight program. Then again, when you’re putting up the kind of numbers he did in high school, why mess with what isn’t broken? In any case, he is certainly looking a little more capable of taking hits at QB if called upon.
  • Tony Franklin is absolutely jacked for a defensive back. He has always been very strong but he is noticeably bigger this year – good to see that one of our best hitters will be able to lay even more hurt on opponents.
  • Lance Evans has also put on some muscle. He’s tall and lean but hopefully a little extra weight will help him take on tight ends and running backs.
  • A crucial player at OLB, Jermaine Dias looks to have added quite a bit of bulk – very similar to the transformation of Darryl Blackstock from freshman to sophomore year. Blackstock played his freshman year at only 210-215 before moving to about 235 the next season. That extra weight will help Dias hold up with increased reps this year and hold the edge on running plays.
  • Wali Lundy looks even bigger than usual and he was cut to begin with. Between Lundy and Cedric Peerman , we should see some brutal running between the tackles this year. Can’t wait.
  • Chris Long
  • ...